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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Tears of Kashmir

Posted By :-Bhat Naieem Do you know Asiya and Neelofer?
[This is not only a story but a harsh reality that we Kashmir’s are facing.]
29th May 2009,
Asiya 17 and Nelofer 22 went to the family orchard for some farming work and their bodies were spotted after 8 hours near the ankle high deep Rambir nallah in Shopian. Duo were sister in laws and good friends who shared the best moments of their life together and also met the same horrible fate. The incident shook the whole Kashmir Valley in general and Shopian in particular. Villagers suspected that both were raped and murdered by the security forces. The incident sparked widespread protests across the valley with people coming on streets and demanding justice. Clashes broke out at several places in valley and many innocent lives got slaughtered by Paramilitary forces.
The Chief Minister Omar Abdullah added fuel to the incident when he issued his first statement asserting the deaths by drowning; which however CM retracted later by saying “something happened in Shopian” .After three days forensic experts confirmed rape and murder, forced police to register the case, Omar did not took any action against the officers for misleading and misinforming him. Rather he got angry with himself for not remaining quite in that press conference. “I should have said no comments when I was asked about the cause of death of two women” CM Omar Abdullah said to a National Newspaper. It is quite shocking how Omar swallowed such mortification at the hands of his own officers and rather punishing them, he wanted to remain silent. The suspension of four police officers SP Shopian Javaid Iqbal, DSP Rohit Baskotra, SHO shafiq ahmad and SI Gazi Abdul Karim on the commands of high court somehow stabilized the situation, but it was not the final solution of the problem .The situation in the valley was getting worse day by day, that forced Omar Abdullah to unzip the locks of his mouth. He promised that he will use all means to identify and punish the murderers.
Investigation headed by Justice Muzaffar Jan was started to find the culprits, but nothing positive resulted out of it. Even The Hurriyat leaders took the central stage, issued protest calendars to get justice, but all in vain and soon, all die down and the case is still pending.
Today it has been six years when Asiya and Neelofer were raped and murdered by Unknown Culprits, who still roam free. Regardless of the reported evidences, it was clear who did it, but nothing has been done, with reason better known to the people in Power. Today, it has been six years of Asiya and Neelofer lying in their Graves and their blood crying for justice.
Still the screams from their graves question
Why they did all this to us?
Why aren’t you trying to find them?
What was our fault?

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