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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Broken Angel

Her name so-and-so
She named me tomato
Her spirit calm and tranquil
I call her broken Angel

A fairy so thoughtful
With her smile blissfull
Her Soft voice within me tinkle
Yes, she is Broken Angel

She Smiled at me, though she was hurt
"Hey ,tomato you are Beautiful" she whispered,
And music in her voice mingle
Cause she is broken Angel

We chatted like the past friends
Teased each other using new trends
Her words replaced the anti depressant pill
Cause she is broken Angel

She gifted me eternal smile in a blink
And hid her tears just to wink
Here i have zero to pay the bill
Cause she is Broken Angel

We will grant that monent eternity, 
I'll write on her & She will pen on me
And here I appreciate her will
Cause she's "The broken Angel"

©Bhat Naieem

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

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