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Friday, 3 April 2015


What's Bindi?
They say
It's the symbol Of Hinduism
And Is absurd

I replied
Its the token that shows love
Of mother to son
And wife to husband

It's the catalyst
That swiftly links to the God
It's the rose
For love and serenity, it only grows

It's worn in the centre
Of forehead
To make brow
Fair and natural red

Its worn
for the safety of one's love
Its the Bond
That keeps kinships strong to grow

In india, we call it The Soldier
Who is well respected
Women wearing it
Feel safe and protected

Just women wear it
It's decree,that disallows men
Cause they aren't strong engouh to bear it
For it needs heart deeper than occean

©Bhat Naieem

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