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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Never Let You Grow Grey

Whenever i open
My wallet
And have a glance
Of your angelic brow
I gaze and gaze
And keep gazing,
Floods rise
In my eyes
My heart overflows
Emotions and pain,
Deep inside, cold wind
Of need and desire blows,
And the flashes
Of all past memories
My mind,
And my emotions
flow thru my pen
So, I'm caging
The days
Of your gracefullness
And my heart
In the immortal
words of my poem
And after centuries
While they
Read me
They will see
You Beatiful
And young ,
For my heart
And my
Would never
Let you
Grow grey
© Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved
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The tide
Of Strifes
Stabbing iinnocent lives
With racial knives,
The poverty,
The duality
And devilty
With buldozers of love & serenity
The arrogant
Like a brave combatant
Raise your voice
Don't be reticent
For your right
And indite
For the imminent bright
Slaying the dark night
©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Broken Angel

Her name so-and-so
She named me tomato
Her spirit calm and tranquil
I call her broken Angel

A fairy so thoughtful
With her smile blissfull
Her Soft voice within me tinkle
Yes, she is Broken Angel

She Smiled at me, though she was hurt
"Hey ,tomato you are Beautiful" she whispered,
And music in her voice mingle
Cause she is broken Angel

We chatted like the past friends
Teased each other using new trends
Her words replaced the anti depressant pill
Cause she is broken Angel

She gifted me eternal smile in a blink
And hid her tears just to wink
Here i have zero to pay the bill
Cause she is Broken Angel

We will grant that monent eternity, 
I'll write on her & She will pen on me
And here I appreciate her will
Cause she's "The broken Angel"

©Bhat Naieem

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved


From the heart
Of your bard

They just found
A special thought

With your name
On the card

Written that
You are Great

Easy Exams
Don't be afraid

Laugh at headache
Don't be in haze

Crowded with Exams
It's life

Don't be shy
Keep your pen ready for strife

Fight the papers
Make your dreams true

I believe, You can do
Amp down, don't get blue

So don't take stress
Stay cool

Work hard
And "Be The Pride Of School"

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Known Strangers

Chilly December conspired,
All seemed weird
For i met you
Snowy days, but proved blue

Yes, we were friends
Alluring time with upward trends
That but altered
And precipitated sums of misery

A little time, all we had
With a solo blink all it stayed 
I and you had no history
How come so jealousy

Niether a friend nor a foe
That's how we gotta grow
Why to fight like freaking revengers
Let's stay Known Strangers

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Her Last Message

And Finally
She Replied
"I Hate You"
Her words
Locked my voice
In silence,
And flipped my brain
In flames of voilience
I tried alot
But all in vain
I died Thousand times
In unendurable pain

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Wake Up

Sometimes I feel like a poet
And sometimes a gloit

It feels like I'm tense
My rhymes aren't making any sense

I'm dead or alive, who knows?
I'm free or caged, who shows?
You are in lab, Tyrant says
You will vanish, if experiment fails
I'm used and bruised
Slaughtered and rused
"No more silence" my head burns
Freedom is screaming, it's your turn
©Bhat Naieem

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Tears of Kashmir

Posted By :-Bhat Naieem Do you know Asiya and Neelofer?
[This is not only a story but a harsh reality that we Kashmir’s are facing.]
29th May 2009,
Asiya 17 and Nelofer 22 went to the family orchard for some farming work and their bodies were spotted after 8 hours near the ankle high deep Rambir nallah in Shopian. Duo were sister in laws and good friends who shared the best moments of their life together and also met the same horrible fate. The incident shook the whole Kashmir Valley in general and Shopian in particular. Villagers suspected that both were raped and murdered by the security forces. The incident sparked widespread protests across the valley with people coming on streets and demanding justice. Clashes broke out at several places in valley and many innocent lives got slaughtered by Paramilitary forces.
The Chief Minister Omar Abdullah added fuel to the incident when he issued his first statement asserting the deaths by drowning; which however CM retracted later by saying “something happened in Shopian” .After three days forensic experts confirmed rape and murder, forced police to register the case, Omar did not took any action against the officers for misleading and misinforming him. Rather he got angry with himself for not remaining quite in that press conference. “I should have said no comments when I was asked about the cause of death of two women” CM Omar Abdullah said to a National Newspaper. It is quite shocking how Omar swallowed such mortification at the hands of his own officers and rather punishing them, he wanted to remain silent. The suspension of four police officers SP Shopian Javaid Iqbal, DSP Rohit Baskotra, SHO shafiq ahmad and SI Gazi Abdul Karim on the commands of high court somehow stabilized the situation, but it was not the final solution of the problem .The situation in the valley was getting worse day by day, that forced Omar Abdullah to unzip the locks of his mouth. He promised that he will use all means to identify and punish the murderers.
Investigation headed by Justice Muzaffar Jan was started to find the culprits, but nothing positive resulted out of it. Even The Hurriyat leaders took the central stage, issued protest calendars to get justice, but all in vain and soon, all die down and the case is still pending.
Today it has been six years when Asiya and Neelofer were raped and murdered by Unknown Culprits, who still roam free. Regardless of the reported evidences, it was clear who did it, but nothing has been done, with reason better known to the people in Power. Today, it has been six years of Asiya and Neelofer lying in their Graves and their blood crying for justice.
Still the screams from their graves question
Why they did all this to us?
Why aren’t you trying to find them?
What was our fault?

Sunday, 5 April 2015


The butterfly
On the red rose
Was Singing
A love song
With a blissfull
In my poem
Cried, So Died
when she
Threw my
Poem in dustbin
With a mocking
Laugh.... :(

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved


Eyes wet
Throat Dry
brain flames
Heart Cries
Body still
Words Try
Conquering silience
Voilience fry
Fast Steps
Passed by
she flew
It's a lie
I'm waiting

Her "Hi"

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Mr. Me

He Swore to kill
The Inside devil
And fill
His heart with illimitable
Love for his people
Can he?
Yes, cause he's Mr. Me

He Swore to save the earth
From devilish Employers
And their destructions
For the Better future
Of our coming generations
Can he?
Yes, cause he's Mr Me

He Swore to protect
All the mothers
And sisters
From lustful Eyes
And social ties
Can he?
Yes, cause he's Mr. Me

He Swore to spread
The thread
Of love
On the brow
Of the World
Can he?
Yes, cause he's Mr. Me
He wants you
To never feel blue
Be your own guru
Awake your Mr. Me
And offer love for free
Can you be?
Yes, cause you have Mr. Me
©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Friday, 3 April 2015

Take Me Away

It's torturous, My champion
come out from dreams
And take me away
From this callous prison

For I'm tired of fighting the fear
And can't Indite
The game of my insecurities
And the tale of despair

I'm caged in the bay
Of solicitude
Pay your unstained heart
And own me till doomsday

Take me to your valley
The valley of love
The valley of peace
The valley that's Wholly Holy

In all life dealings
I'll be honest
I promise
I'll Never toy your feelings

Everyday,  I'll try something new
And I would write the love songs
And sing them
Just For you and you and YOU

©Bhat Naieem

Am I "The Poet"

I Write
poetry and proclaim
On facebook and
And amuse you thru my aim

You my chums
Aappreciate and encourage
And make feel
Like I'm holding priceless page

But here i disclose
I know a little of english
And all i write
Is an upshot of eternal anguish

I have a little english vocabulary
My alphabetical count begins with B and ends with T
In the weaving Approach
I Employ Dictionary not Mentality

And that gives me design for a  ryhming poem
And often proves to be sublime
And you, Don't be so Quiet
Answer me, Am i poet ?
©Bhat Naieem

Stupid Poet Writes

Don't push me down from glides
How come the daily silly fights
And inspecting  my lunatic hieghts
"Don't you know stupid poet writes"

Don't try to knock me down
For i offer regal Gown & crown
I wanna dream little more rides
And "Don't you know stupid poet writes"

With you and only You
Under the higher blue
My spirit procures the heaven heights
And "don't you know stupid poet writes"

You are my soulmate
Stay Mine, Don't shut heart gate
For I can't fight cruel tides
"Don't you know stupid poet writes"

©Bhat Naieem


What's Bindi?
They say
It's the symbol Of Hinduism
And Is absurd

I replied
Its the token that shows love
Of mother to son
And wife to husband

It's the catalyst
That swiftly links to the God
It's the rose
For love and serenity, it only grows

It's worn in the centre
Of forehead
To make brow
Fair and natural red

Its worn
for the safety of one's love
Its the Bond
That keeps kinships strong to grow

In india, we call it The Soldier
Who is well respected
Women wearing it
Feel safe and protected

Just women wear it
It's decree,that disallows men
Cause they aren't strong engouh to bear it
For it needs heart deeper than occean

©Bhat Naieem

It's Not Cough

'And the Hellish flames are smoldering my head'
Adroit butcher chopping my heart'
'Waiting a gang of nightmares in my bed'
'What Sensation is that & how i got shot '

'Tranquil winds flowing to My abdomen'
'My forehead Sweating in chilly december'
'Of what these symptoms are, tell me O men'
'Shall i swig lemon water or start eating cucumber'

'My eyes keep bathing everytime everyday, Is that OCD? '
'My voice trembles, just for no reason'
'There is something wrong, I'm not me'
'And for sure It's not cough, so, don't blame the season'

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Her Mirror Talks

Let the illusions Go, Now don't ruin your future'
'I can't make his memories fade, as pain is engulfing me'
'Leave him! there are thousands better than him'
'Yeah there are thousands, so why me'

'What? if he loves someone else'
'Still i would love him, and wish he is mine'
'Won't you need alcohal, while lifetime ringing his bells'
'His love is enough; what for weeds and wine'

'he had no time to waste anymore'
'And i have my whole life to fight for him'
'There is nothing in his heart, just abhor'
'Thats what makes my love score more'
©Bhat Naieem


I'm sturgy, my heart is harder than stone
Nobody just me, I'm all on my own
I lost my love in blur since i wear mis-fortune
Cause I'm ugly, and still claim the moon

Deep inside I'm dying
I need nobody, listen I'm lying 
I hate the people who kept prying
And in never noticed me though i was crying.

Now, before ripening, I'm departing to fall
As following six, falls the ball
Nobody had to grasp me, and that's all
The worth of masochists is constantly that small

Tell the hypocrites to take away the gaze
Tell them he's no more, stop the chase
He had attained the peace beside fields of maize
Where shepherds sing and sheep graze

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Poem on Pain

I'm not a tale teller
Nor a book-seller
So I utter truth
About the meller
Of the heart seller—
He wandered with
Heart in hand
Like an insane
Town to town
In pursuit of rad patron—
But nobody was
In readiness to accept it
He proffered free
They published it
So, it had stains
And cracks inside!
He flamed in pains
And despair for years
And begged  God
For all repairs
After years of meditation
God granted him
The holy pen
And here he is
The "poem On pain"

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved


She's Beautiful
More than
The Music and The muses
The Nile and your smile
The Summer's first day and first pay
The Tuna and the Luna
The New bride and first horse ride
The Sunflower and the homer
The Clouds high and the butterfly
The fairy and the Apple tree
A pink rose and The romantic shows
The higher blue
And Even more than you

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

I Love You All

YOU created the Man and Universe
For Love and Serenity
Then why we are drifting
Towards Audacity and vanity

Daily Thousands attempt sucide
For we replace dreams with nightmares
And Thousands are slaughtered
And still we say "Who cares"

War and acrimony all around
Tears and fears everywhere
Mothers cry, widows die
And still we say "Why should i care"

Only you O Almighty are superior
Cause you love and protect all from fall
And Let me today proclaim
"I love you all"

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

I Love You

Hey you
The charming one
The cherished one
The strawberry on cake cream
My rearmost dream
The tweeting sparrow
My bone marrow
The New spring
The dreamful evening
The butterfly
The first cry
The patient bay
The blooming may
The kiss
That i won't miss
The Green summer
The Gold smith's hammer
The Sunshine
The syrah wine
The first Snowfall
The great china wall
The precious pearl
My Dream girl
The first cake
That I bake
The bright eyed
The love tide
Yes you
Listen "I Love You"

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Song Of Poor Girl

I Live on Two Planets
The One
They call Earth
Full of murderers
Rapists, smugglers
Evils, Devils
And Politicions
Where no girl is shielded
Where parents
Slay the girl child
Where cows are respected
And girls are thrown in gutter
Where money is God
Rich is king
And Poor is slave

And the other
They Call Dream land
Filled with fairies
And Holy Angels
Where no bad people live
Where love is religion
Where  butterflies sing
Where there's no politics
And no dead presidents
Where Every Girl is Respected
And Protected
I wish to Leave
The earth
For The love, serenity
And security
©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved


The crows of roosters
The tweets of sparrows
The barks of dogs
And music of tranquil rain drops

All screaming
Wake up
Make up
It's April
It's April

A new morning
And a New day,
All waiting to say
Raise your hands and pray

Set new goals
Depart from black holes
Slay your demon
And start with a neo dawn

For the new year
With a new prayer
For a new life
Rub out all strifes

And continues the
Wake up
Make up
It's April
It's April

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved