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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Only Job I'm Eligible To Do

Thousands of men here
Unoccupied ,so unsatisfied
With gaint degrees
Battling fortune decrees

Lord, how blessed I am
Bagged both job and fame
The job, I ask No vacations
And All Without qualifications

With Desired salary
And Lifetime responsibility
Best employee,I'm proving
And You know, what job I'm Doing

I'm making love to You
And eternally  I'll do
For it's the only job
I'm eligible to do ..

© Bhat Naieem

Candle And Moth

Lost in past memories and cursing the separation
The lone lover is hard dying of meditation
Screaming "Come & burn with me
We are single soul, let's flee

You with me, a visit to heavens
Far away from black to blissfull  gardens
Where hearts with love only are permitted
Howling a sin,Lying and Hatred is prohibited

Charming roses will felicitate us in the way
Tranquil winds accompany us from bay
Today, come and pen our brand new destiny
Forever "Me for You and You for Me"

The half dream faded as bright flame died
A little late she appeared and noisily cried
The candle lost life with blissfull dream
And the moth lost love in the dark stream  
©Bhat Naieem

You Are The One

                    Yes You
              The pretty one
             You still the one
    Whom my heart rates 10/10
  Whom i declare my only world
    Whom The God gifted me to
For whom i write all precious  poetry
For Whom i beg sanctuary from Almighty
For Whom I'm battling world
That halts me from adoring her
©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Pen vs Gun

They Proposed the choice
Gun that fights
Or Pen that writes
I elected pen, for i had the voice

"Pen is mighter than sword"
Now the adage seems too old
"Penmen" they call "boring" and "gunmen" too bold
Don't they Comment stupidly odd

Gun Promotes violence,
Sorrow and anguish
Gun needs selfish
There dies semblance

Pen, the tale teller of wisdom
Softly penetrates into minds
Showers perception to blinds
Therefore is the soldier behind freedom

"Pen" the creative one
That crafts words for peace of all
And protects nation from enormous fall
That can solely Fight Thousands of guns

Gets no wage for broadcasting peace
And Gun bags medals for butchery
Yet Pen reveals truth faces custody
Nothing but writings they can cease

All their policies oneday will freeze
Tell them to reject the gun
And make pen ultimate weapon
"LIve peace and feel ease"

©Bhat Naieem

Why I write poetry?

For whom you write the poetry?
In conclusion she asked me
I had no expressions to make her feel,
The way i do feel .

Hiding my tears, proving I'm liar
Deep inside, she lit the fire
Something that i never said
That's conquering me by everlasting raids  .

I'm slave, My own heart forced me
I can't flee, even if I'm set free
Her one glimpse is all that owns me
A queen from miles away rules  me

Just 43 centimetres far from me
But her heart ,thousands of miles away maybe,
Perhaps She lost her love,Her eyes seem frozen
Yet don’t flicker, just wait & wait & wait wide open

Her pain is thousand times bigger than of mine
Knowing everything, still i can't make anything fine
Her heart is over-loaded that causes an ache
She wishes him back to get life back

so i disregarded my own love
That's how broken heart's often Bow
For you i can endure each misery
In hush a tear drop smiled & said,"For you, i write the poetry" .